Spotlight on Small Molecules in Cardiovascular Diseases

Call for Papers: "Spotlight on small molecules in cardiovascular diseases" Themed Issue

British Journal of Pharmacology will be publishing a special ‘Themed Issue’ entitled ‘Spotlight on small molecules in cardiovascular disease’ with Professor Ji Yong, Professor Yu Huang, Dr Xin Wang and Professor Andreas Papapetropoulos as Guest Editors.

The issue will include authoritative state of the art review articles and original papers from

  • Yong Ji “Protein sulfhydration by hydrogen sulfide in cardiovascular system”

  • YuHuang “Arachidonic acid metabolites in cardiovascular health and disease”

  • Nanping Wang “Stachdrine protects eNOS uncoupling and ameliorates endothelial dysfunction induced by homocysteine.”

  • Yichun Zhu “The endogenous CSE/H2S system is required for a protection against salt-induced renal dysfunction and hypertension”

  • Zhiren Zhang “Dietary salt impairs vascular function by stimulating endothelial epithelial sodium channels (ENaC) in salt-sensitive rats”

  • Xin Wang “Pak1 signalling in cardiac hypertrophy and heart failure: from mechanistic study to therapeutic exploration”

Deadline for submissions was 11th March 2017.

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