BJP Annual Prize for Early Career Researcher/Independent Research Fellow

The BPS awards an annual prize of £1000 for the best paper published by an early career researcher in an issue of the British Journal of Pharmacology during the pervious 12 months. Those eligible will be no more than 6 years post PhD award.

The goal of this award is to recognise outstanding work by early career investigators and to encourage them to send their most exciting pharmacological work to BJP.

The award will be presented at the annual Editorial Board Dinner and, in addition to the £1000, will include a formal certificate and 1 year's complimentary membership to the BPS, benefits of which include online access to BJP and BJCP, access to travel bursaries and free attendance at the annual BPS meeting in London.

2017 winner
Dr Simon Hirota
Constitutive androstane receptor regulates the intestinal mucosal response to injury
By Grace M Hudson, Kyle L Flannigan, Sarah L Erickson, Fernando A Vicentini, Alexandra Zamponi, Christina L Hirota, Laurie Alston, Christophe Altier, Subrata Ghosh, Kevin P Rioux, Sridhar Mani, Thomas K Chang, Simon A Hirota

2016 winner
Dr Nicholas Monjotin

F16357, a novel protease-activated receptor 1 antagonist, improves urodynamic parameters in a rat model of interstitial cystitis
By N Monjotin, J Gillespie, M Farrié, B Le Grand, D Junquero and N Vergnolle