Emergent Areas of Opioid Pharmacology

Call for Papers: “Emergent Areas of Opioid Pharmacology” Themed Issue

British Journal of Pharmacology will be publishing a special ‘Themed Issue’ entitled ‘Emergent Areas of Opioid Pharmacology’, with Professor Eamonn Kelly, Dr Chris Bailey and Professor Graeme Henderson as Guest Editors.

The issue will include authoritative state of the art review articles from

  • Lauri Nummenmaa: “Endogenous opioid system and human emotions”
  • Macdonald Christie: “Biased regulation of the mu-opioid receptor”
  • Julie Le Merrer: “Mu opioid receptor, social behavior and autism spectrum disorder: reward matters”
  • Jose Moron-Concepcion: “The dynamic interaction between pain and opioid abuse”
  • Heike Rittner: “Opioids and the immune system - friend or foe?”
  • Marta Filizola: “Glimpses into the Function of Opioid Receptor from Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Available Crystal Structures”

Deadline for submissions was 1st March 2017

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