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BJCP Video Abstracts: NEW in 2017

Seeing is believing! People absorb complicated processes better when they are illustrated. And the message sticks!

As part of our efforts to maximize the impact of your paper, we are offering a unique feature: a video abstract. This audio visual abstract can be a quick way to put the message of your research across to a much wider audience than usual. Our Publishers, Wiley, and its partner Research Square, offer a service of professionally and custom-produced video abstracts by creating a script that accurately represents the details of the paper whilst including voiceovers, animations, and images. You will also receive a custom toolkit with tips on how to promote your video abstract for maximum visibility.

Video Abstracts

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What are Video Abstracts?

As video and multimedia content grows in popularity and practice across academia, it is becoming increasingly important for authors to provide readers with a new way of engaging with their published work. Video gives authors the opportunity to present their research in a dynamic format that is more comprehensible to a wide audience.

A video abstract is a useful tool for removing some of the complexity from the research to help authors bring their work to life. Video abstracts not only make the published research more accessible, they also help authors to disseminate their work more broadly. In maximising exposure to their work, authors increase the chances of forming new connections with collaborators, colleagues, funders and society.

How are Video Abstracts created?

Research Square's team of specialists summarise the paper in a language that is simpler than the published work. They try to avoid jargon and acronyms, and they intentionally write shorter sentences which are easier for the listener to follow. They also limit the word count to 450 words to keep the script focused.

Research Square returns the draft of the script to the author and will not proceed with animation until the author has approved the written script. Once approvals in place, Research Square then creates a custom video that includes voiceover, animation, images, and text. Research Square will consult with the authors to ensure that the accuracy and details of the paper are carefully represented, but the process requires minimal input from the author. The average production time takes approximately 3-4 weeks.

Who makes the videos?

Research Square's video production team is composed of writers, voice-over artists, illustrators, and animators with graduate-level scientific training from top US research universities. Their goal is to produce an accurate synopsis of the article that is accessible to a wide audience from colleagues and potential collaborators within and outside the field to funders and members of the public who are interested in the research.

What happens after the video is created?

Research Square provides the author with a copy of the video that can be used in article pages, presentations, grant applications, classrooms, and professional websites. The author is also given a slide deck of selected stills from the video to help create visually striking presentations about their work.

Research Square uploads the video to YouTube and Vimeo, two of the most widely utilised video distribution websites. The author also receives a custom toolkit with information pertaining to their video abstract, including

  • Tips on how to further disseminate the video content using a wide range of channels
  • Tools and methods for tracking the success of the video
  • A list of keywords that have been used to tag the video online
  • A written version of the video script

Sponsored by BJCP and BJP in 2017: 5 Video Abstracts for BJCP and 5 for BJP

BJCP and BJP are pleased to announce that selected authors will be offered a video abstract free of charge to highlight a paper submitted in the next six months! The British Pharmacological Society are generously sponsoring the video abstracts for 10 authors.

Who is eligible?

All authors of original research articles that are accepted in BJCP and BJP from January 1st to December 31st 2017 are eligible for this offer. Successful authors will be reminded of this offer when they receive their acceptance letter.

How will the authors know they've been selected?

The Editors in Chief and Senior Editors will select the papers for this feature. The editorial office will inform the winning authors and will also put Research Square directly in touch with them. The team at Research Square will take over from here and will be available to answer all questions related to the making of the videos. The production process can now begin.

If authors want a video abstract but are not selected, can they still have one?

Yes they can. Any author can approach Research Square independent of this initiative and purchase a video abstract for $1500. Please contact direct.

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