Editorial Board

Editorial Code of Conduct for British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology

  1. Editors will refrain from involvement in editorial activities for work they have been involved in as an author, or for work from an organisation of which they are an employee, advisor, shareholder or have some other close relationship with.

  2. Editors will always declare their conflicts of interest when acting as an author of editorials or other pieces in the journal as is required for other authors.

  3. Editors will declare a conflict of interest if invited to oversee or otherwise contribute to the review of a submitted paper.

  4. Editors will never write editorials, letters or other papers for BJCP on commission from an outside organisation or receive fees for this. (This is not intended to debar an editor from taking up a suggestion from an individual member of an outside organisation for a review or other piece where this is appropriately acknowledged and unpaid.)


A. F. Cohen, Leiden, Netherlands

Senior Editors

R. Bies, Buffalo, USA
A. de Boer, Urtrecht, Netherlands
G. Isbister, Newcastle, Australia
Catherine Sherwin, Salt Lake City, USA
A.J. Webb, London, UK

Reviews Editors

S.C.L.M. Cremers, New York, USA


A. Ring, Hamburg, Germany

Executive Editorial Board

E. Baker, London, UK
J. Balthasar, Buffalo, USA
A.V. Boddy, Sydney, Australia
S. Bonini, London, UK
D.M. Burger, Nijmegen, Netherlands
A. Daly, Newcastle, UK
O. Della Pasqua, London, UK
A.M. Dondorp, Bangkok, Thailand
B. Gennery, London, UK
G.J. Groeneveld, Leiden, Netherlands
A.S. Gross, Sydney, Australia
N.A. Helsby, Auckland, New Zealand
S. Hilmer, Sydney, Australia
D. Juurlink, Toronto, Canada
K. Keijsers, 's-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands
C. Kirkpatrick, Melbourne, Australia
B. Layden, Chicago, United States
C. Leonard, Philadelphia, United States
I. Mackenzie, Dundee, UK
J. Martin, Sydney, Australia
A. McLachlan, Sydney, Australia
G. Mikus, Heidelberg, Germany
P. Minuz, Verona, Italy
N. Moore, Bordeaux, France
R. Rissmann, Leiden, Netherlands
M. Rudek, Baltimore, USA
K. O’Shaughnessy, Cambridge, UK
D. Shah, New York, USA
J.-G. Shin, Busan, Republic of Korea
D. Singh, Manchester, UK
D. Stewart, Aberdeen, UK
E. Szabadi, Nottingham, UK
J. Van Den Anker, Washington, USA
J.B. Warren, London, UK
I. Wong, Hong Kong, China
D. Wright, Dunedin, New Zealand

International Editorial Board

K. Barnes, Cape Town, South Africa
N.L. Benowitz, California, USA
I. Cascorbi, Kiel, Germany
M. Casteels, Leuven, Belgium
F. de Andres Trelles, Madrid, Spain
H.-G. Eichler, London, UK
A.E. Eskazan, Istanbul, Turkey
R. Feldman, Ontario, Canada
A. Gilchrist, Downers Grove, USA
W. Haynes, Massachusetts, USA
P. Hu, Beijing, China
E. Jacqz-Aigrain, Paris, France
K.M. Knights, Adelaide, Australia
M. Lapeyre-Mestre, Toulouse, France
H. Li, Wuhan, China
S. Masuda, Kyoto, Japan
H. Ovelgönne, Den Haag, Netherlands
S. Pattanaik, Chandigarh, India
O. Pelkonen, Oulu, Finland
E. Phillips, Murdoch, Australia
M. Rieder, Western Ontario, Canada
M. Schwab, Stuttgart, Germany
G. Suarez-Kurtz, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Reviews Board

N. Cranswick, Melbourne, Australia
J. Dear, Edinburgh, UK
L. D. Lewis, New Hampshire, USA
D. Liew, Melbourne, Australia
A. Mangoni, Aberdeen, UK
J. Martin, Sydney, Australia
T. O'Brien, Melbourne, Australia
M. Pirmohamed, Liverpool, UK
M. Theodorakis, Oxford, UK

Vice President - Clinical

M. Pirmohamed