Theme Issues and Sections: 2007

Cannabinoid Pharmacology
Guest Editor: Steve Alexander
Volume 152, Issue 5 (November 2007)

PubMed lists over 6,000 records for cannabinoids in 2006, indicating the level of interest in the scientific community. It is an exciting time to be involved in cannabinoid research as reflected in the growing number of international scientific meetings on cannabinoids or cannabinoid-related topics. One of these, organized in Nottingham by Steve Alexander, Victoria Chapman, Dave Kendall and Michael Randall, was the British Pharmacological Society Focused Meeting on Cannabinoids/3rd European Workshop on Cannabinoid Research (April 2007).
This special themed issue on cannabinoids, guest edited by Steve Alexander and Michael Randall, contains 12 review articles related to topics presented at the British Pharmacological Society Focused Meeting/3rd European Workshop, as well as a series of 15-20 original articles.

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