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Manuscript Transfer Program

Pharmacology Research & Perspectives is supported by other journals published by ASPET and BPS. After review in a supporting journal, selected articles of suitable quality can be identified by the Editors as candidates for publication in Pharmacology Research & Perspectives. Authors have the option to transfer their manuscript to Pharmacology Research & Perspectives and complete the submission process. The Pharmacology Research & Perspectives editors will then undertake further evaluation if required. Authors should note that decision letters and referees’ comments are transferred to the editors of Pharmacology Research & Perspectives along with the manuscript. The Pharmacology Research & Perspectives editors will take the previous reviews into account when making their decision, although in some cases the editors may choose to take advice from additional referees.

For a list of ASPET and BPS journals that support and participate in the Manuscript Transfer program for Pharmacology Research & Perspectives click here

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If you have been directed to this website because your article has been referred by another ASPET or BPS journal and you would like to proceed and submit to Pharmacology Research & Perspectives, please click the ‘Yes’ button below. Pharmacology Research & Perspectives' editorial team will then be in touch with an invitation to complete the submission and transfer of your manuscript and any accompanying prior peer review reports into the Pharmacology Research & Perspectives submission site.

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Please note: if the above button does not successfully direct you to the manuscript transfer request form, please email with your name and the email address used to submit the paper originally.

Pharmacology Research & Perspectives promotes the conduct and development of pharmacology research by making all published content freely available immediately, publishing original research, reviews and perspectives in all areas of preclinical and clinical pharmacology, therapeutics, education and related research areas. All articles published by Pharmacology Research & Perspectives are fully open access: immediately freely available to read, download and share. To cover the cost of publishing, the journal charges a publication fee.

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If you haven't had a manuscript referred from another journal you can submit your manuscript directly at