Pharmacology and the Liver

Last Updated: 1 August 2017

The interface of drugs and the liver is multifaceted and key to understanding three important areas of pharmacology, systemic drug exposure, a major type of drug toxicity, and the pharmacology of drugs that have the liver as a therapeutic target.  This issue of Pharmacology Research & Perspectives has assembled papers recently published in scheduled issues of the Journal that address all three of these areas.  Potential treatments to protect hepatic function during disease or toxin exposures are evaluated.  Methods to evaluate the hepatotoxic potential of drugs are described.  With respect to systemic drug exposure, several papers that characterize hepatic drug metabolism and drug-drug interactions provide essential data to understand liver related determinants of drug disposition.  This issue highlights rigorously reviewed contributions to the literature to further the methodology and understanding of liver related pharmacology.

Darrell R. Abernethy


Andrew J. Lawrence

Deputy Editor
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