Download the BJP App

The BJP Journal App is now available on the iPad® and iPhone® (and iPod touch) devices.

Whether you access BJP through the British Pharmacological Society, through your institution or directly through Wiley Online Library, the registration wizard guides you through the process.

Benefits of the app include

  • Download and read the most recent issues
  • Be notified when a new issue is available
  • Save your favourite articles for quick and easy access offline
  • Browse, search and bookmark articles from all available issues
  • Share links to your favourite articles with colleagues and friends

Institutional Access

If you normally have access via your institution without needing to sign in to Wiley Online Library:

  1. Register for a Wiley Online Library account, if you do not have one already.

  2. Access Wiley Online Library from your institution’s network, and log in. If you are off-site and need help getting access to licensed content, contact your librarian.

  3. Visit the Roaming Access section of "My Profile" and click "Activate Roaming Access.

  4. Download the app and use your Wiley Online Library account to "Log In" to the app, following the registration wizard. You will now be able to access licensed content for 3 months, at which time you will need to re-activate roaming access.

British Pharmacological Society

Members are entitled to access to the journal apps. Please contact the BPS office ( for instructions on how to access the app.

Wiley Online Library Personal Subscription

If you normally have access via a Wiley Online Library username, download the app and simply use your Wiley Online Library account to "Log In" to the app, following the registration wizard.

Need further help

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